We conduct our in-house seminars individually for you and your employees and coordinate the content to your needs and aims. For you, this means absolute flexibility in terms of timing and location as well as content tailored to your preferences. Potential topics are listed below.


Introduction to industrial property rights

Patents, registered designs and employee invention law; designs and trademarks

From invention to patent

Definition of invention; protection prerequisites; online research; requirements on a patent application; drafting of patent claims; proceedings before the patent office

Professional patent searches

Databases; structure and content of patent documents; patent classification, classification system and research tools; Depatisnet, Espacenet, search engines, wikis and blogs; finding opposition and invalidity material

Joint inventor communities

Definition of inventor community/German Civil Code (BGB) community; special characteristics in the community of part owners; financial compensation claims for own use

Focus on property rights

Protection strategies and tools for intellectual property

Intellectual property at a glance; differentiation of protection tools; scope of protectable services; consolidation: Copyright protection and design protection; fundamentals of protection available under competition law

All-round protection of consumer products

Differentiation of design/technology; property rights at a glance; special features of copyright for functional designs; registration strategies for design applications; accompanying protection under competition law

Accompanying imitation protection of competition law

Scope of protectable services; protection prerequisites; cases of unfairness; process-related special features in the case of dispute

Copyrights at universities

Scope of protectable services; protection prerequisites; distinction between permitted template use and legal infringement; reliability of quotes; special features for joint copyright communities

Design protection at universities

Scope of protectable services; proprietors; protection prerequisites; interventions in protection areas

Focus on contracts


Contracts in research projects

Introduction in contract types; contractual principles; option agreements; license agreements; purchase agreements; confidentiality agreements; MTAs

Rights of use for research findings

IP regulations and relevance of copyright and design law in R&D contracts

License agreements in copyright and design law

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