IP Protection

Support in securing your rights of an invention and Managing time limits

IP strategies, as a part of the company strategy, are advantageous for innovative companies, and they form the basis for drafting strategies for intellectual property rights for each individual invention, so that entrepreneurial questions such as the following can be discussed in advance:

  • Should, on the basis of the search results, an application for protected rights be filed?
  • In which countries does the company require protection for this invention?

The PROvendis patent and license managers offer you a complex set of services, which are designed to protect individual company inventions or the entire IP portfolio:

  • Development of a suitable IPR strategy for your company.
  • Coordination of the IPR applications (nationally and internationally), through patent attorneys within our Network.
  • Development of cost scenarios for your IPR applications.
  • Handling of the entire IPR administration with support of an external IP department:
    • Time limit management (i.e. for subsequent applications, annual fees)
    • Coordination with the patent attorneys 


Financial subsidies of up to EUR 12,000 are made available by the WIPANO funding program, for patent filings by small and medium-sized companies (service packages 3 + 4). 

Overview of important protected rights:

A patent protects an invention, which has a technical background. Furthermore, the invention must be new and innovative, in comparison to the so-called "current state of technology" (state-of-the-art), and it must furthermore be "commercially applicable", namely there must be a market for the invention. Patent rights offer extensive protection. A patent is valid for up to 20 years in the corresponding country.

A registered design also is a technical protected right, and it is often described as a "small patent". Applications for a registered utility model are also made for inventions and ideas, which have a technical background. Here, too, an important precondition is: The invention must be new and inventive, in comparison to the current state of technology. The difference to a patent: The period of protection is shorter. A registered utility design is valid for up to 10 years in the corresponding country.

A brand makes an additional and substantial contribution, for differentiating your products and services from those of other companies. It furthermore guarantees its quality, which means that it has an influence on a purchase decision. A brand can even represent an asset. Word brands, picture and combination brands, are examples of numerous brand forms. Such a right is protected in Germany for 10 years, and it can be extended for another 10 years as often as one wishes. 

A registered design protects a new and individual form of a product, especially against reproduction. Every two- or three-dimensional design is feasible for protection of the design. This does not only concern individual products, it is also possible for combinations of products, sets, arrangements, plans etc. The protection of a registered design amounts to a maximum of 25 years. Since technical aspects are also a part of the protected range, protected designs have been the most important strategic instrument in numerous industrial sectors for a number of years. Both patent and registered design protection can occur simultaneously with a single product.

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