Professionalize your company’s innovation management with go-Inno: The support program from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) provides innovation vouchers which cover 50 percent* of the costs of personal innovation consulting. PROvendis GmbH is authorized by BMWi to conduct go-Inno consulting and renders these consulting services for your company:

  • Potential analysis (e.g. strengths and weaknesses profile, marketability of the planned innovation, the costs and time required, funding options)
  • Implementation concept (e.g. technology assessment, market analysis, identification of and contact with potential technology providers)
  • Project management (e.g. accompaniment of project implementation, collaboration with technology Providers)

Who is funded?

Companies with fewer than 100 employees and a maximum annual turnover or balance sheet total of 20 million euros.

What is funded and to what extent?

Consulting services are supported with up to 50 percent* of the expenses incurred by your company. You can claim up to three levels of performance:

  1. Potential analysis (max. 10 consultant days = max. 5,500 euros of funding)
  2. Implementation concept (max. 25 consultant days = max. 13,750 euros of funding)
  3. Project management (max. 15 consultant days = max. 8,250 euros of funding)

*A funding rate of 50 percent is granted with up to 1,100 euros per day’s work.

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