Your research projects can be subsidized by the EU programme Horizon 2020. In general, at least three different institutions from three different EU members or associated states are required for filing an application. However, in certain areas within Horizon 2020 companies can submit individual applications for subsidies.

With a commitment of approximately 80 billion euros, the European Union offers access to extensive subsidies for research and innovation activities via the funding program Horizon 2020. The objective of this subsidy programme is to help close the gap between research and market, so as to strengthen the European competitiveness through innovation. Horizon 2020 is therefore an equally suitable subsidy program for companies, universities and research institutions, which intend to realize research and development projects, proof-of-concept projects or Innovation activities at a European level.

In this regard, and in the results-oriented part of the program with the title "The leading role of industry", both large companies and SMEs are supported in the areas of socio-economic and business-oriented challenges. These projects require both a concrete breakdown of the overall plan into measurable results, a professional IT management and a market-oriented strategy for a sustainable exploitation of the results.

Overall, approximately 20% of the financial resources are to be spent on innovation-oriented SMEs, with the objective of promoting general growth in phases that are close to the markets. If the corresponding projects display a high results potential, then they are subsidized from the point of the required feasibility studies all the way to the commercialization of the products. In this regard the "impact" which is used as a criterion for the usability of the results represents the highest barrier to the chances for success. The lack of impact is an important factor for 86% of all applications not being subsidized.

PROvendis disposes over the required core competencies for meeting all specified requirements, especially the demonstration of "impact". At the request of your company, we would be pleased to assume responsibility for the development of the relevant work packages:

  • Mock reading of the application
  • Analysis of the current state of technology
  • Identification of the available IPs within the consortium
  • Identification of the innovation potential
  • Measurable definitions of exploitable results
  • Market analyses
  • Development of commercialization/Dissemination strategies
  • Support in the development of business plans
  • Workshops on the application procedure, exploitation and legal questions
  • Special workshops that include consulting on your project
  • Info events
  • Negotiation of consortium contracts
  • License negotiations
  • IP and innovation management

Independent of the role of your company within the project and its current level of maturity, we would like to offer you our services during the application process and the ongoing phases of a subsidized project.

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch. We will gladly prepare a non-binding offer for you.

Dr.-Ing. Oliver Kower
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