Intellectual property rights strategy

In most cases the own use of the invention is not intended at all or only to a limited extent. 

Developing a patent strategy is recommended for the following issues:

  • Should a patent application be made?
  • In which countries is protection necessary or expedient?

Our commercialization strategy gives insight into, 

  • whether and how a sale of rights can be implemented,
  • whether exclusive or non-exclusive licencing is useful domestically and/or abroad.

Our innovation manager of the respective technical field evaluates the potential of your invention by conducting an appropriate market analysis, competition analysis as well as cost-benefit analysis taking into account possible growth scenarios if required. 

We develop a strategy with recommendations for further action according to the intended use of your invention.

The cost is per hour
The invoice is pro-rata per started quarter of an hour (= € 45.00).
€ 180,00

Since the working time depends on the invention itself, we require between 1 and 4 working days for an intellectual property rights search. We are also happy to provide a fixed price offer after the brief evaluation has taken place, if it helps your financial planning.

All prices incl. VAT


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