ADANA – Automatic Driving Assistant for Nautical Applications, the Aid with Decimeter Accuracy for Recreational Crafts


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Subsequent GPS measurements are computed from several combinations of satellites and their positions. For fundamental physical reasons common GPS fails to provide reliable position reproducibility better than 5m, unless fixed installed additional measures (like DGPS) are employed. E.g. docking manoeuver navigation, however, requires a position reproducibility with decimeter accuracy. “Raw” GPS measurements does not support the automated short-range navigations of sport vessels.

Vessels are not only moved by their drives. On the water, they also are exposed to wind and currents. Hence, they undergo a drift. Drift velocities up to several m/s have to be compensated during manual maneuvering. In particular docking navigation under confined space conditions demands a high steersman skill level. However, due to the above-discussed shortcomings, automatic navigation is yet impossible.

There is still the demand for a GPS system for drift compensation with decimeter precision.

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The ADANA system developed at Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Science provides such an assistance system. Just like a car, the boat under motor power remains stationary despite wind and current when the skipper stops it. During the docking, ADANA assists him exactly like the parking aid of a car.

For maneuvering under confined space conditions ADANA utilizes GPS acquired position and movement data. Additionally, hull mounted sensor means collects boat movement and acceleration data. The sensor data then help to adjust and to correct the satellite data.

Thanks to ADANA, everybody who can park his car can now park his yacht, too.

For new constructions, ADANA is suitable either as a default feature or as an upgrade option. In addition, older boats can be upgraded with ADANA. The actuators for drives and rudder as well as the control electronics are inexpensively purchasable or producible, respectively. The boat’s value is considerably increased. Thanks to ADANA, the skipper exactly stays in track. Moreover, he exactly stops over ground with decimeter precision. The sole requirement is a bow thruster.

Competitive Advantages

  • For current series production as default feature or upgrade Option
  • For older boats as upgrade
  • Easy to operate, just as a car’s parking aid

Current Status

ADANA is applied for patent. Do not hesitate to ask us for granting procedure details. ADANA proved its functionality in a prototype environment. On behalf of the Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Science PROvendis offers an access to the rights for commercial use of this invention for interested enterprises. 

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