Adaptive Controller - Two-position controller with reduced control-value range


Ref.-No. 5326

Dynamic systems often use a two-position controller and a simple sensor that only indicates whether a threshold is exceeded or not. So the controlled engine is either switched off or operated at full power. This leads to high wear and high energy consumption. The Adaptive Controller enables the optimal use of value-continuous control variables in a closed-loop control.
The algorithm of the adaptive controller avoids oscillations of the manipulated variable between the minimum and the maximum value. The manipulated variable is located in a narrow band around a suitable mean value. There are no limitations with regard to dynamics.

Keywords: Adaptiver Zweipunktregler, binäre Sensoren, diskrete Sensoren, digitale Sensoren, Regelungstechnik, Adaptive two-position controller, binary sensors, discrete sensors, digital sensors, control technology

Competitive Advantages

  • Reduced range of control values
  • Flexible
  • Retrofittable
  • Energy saving
  • Reduced wear

Commercial Opportunities

The Adaptive Controller can be used in many areas, e.g. for pumps, engines or heaters. A cost-effective retrofitting is possible. The variations in the manipulated variables, which are reduced by the adaptive controller, also reduce the wear and the energy consumption of the equipment. In a laboratory experiment, the energy consumption was reduced up to 70% with the Adaptive Controller.

Current Status

A patent application has been filed at the German Patent and Trademark Office. International patent applications are still possible. On behalf of the Ruhr-University Bochum, we offer interested companies the technology for licensing and further development.

An invention of the Ruhr-University Bochum.


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