Anti-static Add - Polymer bounded additives for permanent antistatic finishing of elsatomers


Ref.-No. F-0079

Anti-static Add is a polymer-bound antistatic additive based on unsaturated polyesters or terminal- functionalized polybutadienes. It reduces the specific surface resistance of vulcanized elastomeres in normalised enviroments significantly from 1013 Ω to below 1010 Ω. The additive elastomers or elastomeric compositions are predominatly colorless and thus allow the production of any desired colored elastomer components with antistatic equipment, regardless of the amount of added additive.

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For the production of permanently antistatically elastomers in a first step Anti-static Add is homogeneously mixed into the precursor matrix ( together with known ingredients, such as fillers, polymerization inhibitors and vulcanization accelerators). The reactive coppling takes place in a second step by vulcanization and formation of covalent bonds between the elastomer matrix and the polymeric antistatic additive.  

The permanently antistatic elastomer composition can be stored before further processing into components or the coponents are formed simultaneously during vulcanization.


  • Elastomer blends for high performance, high voltage and explosion protection applications
  • Reduction of Surface resistance below 108 Ω
  • Transparent, no coloring as in Carbon-containing additives
  • Permanent equipment, no leaching, due to chemically bonding
  • Blended Elastomers can be stored  

Commercial opportunities

At present, elastomer components for use in the high- performance or high- voltage range are mixed with small amounts of carbon black or graphite, but only consequently dark components are produced and no permanent lowering of the surface resistively is achieved. Also, the known polymer- based antistatic additives do not allow an permanent antistatic finish of a polymeric or bulk elastomeric material.

However, permanent antistatic equipment of elastomeric bulk materials and coponents produced therefrom are not only desirable for the abovementioned fields of application, but are indispensable for the explosion protection area. Anti-static Add offers permanent equipment over the entire service life of a component.

Current status                                                                                                        

Anti-static has been patented by the DPMA and EPA. The European Patent Office recently declared its  intention to grant.

Ant-static Add could prove ist advantages in practical experiments. A multitude of data are availabel.


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