ComNoEL - Compensation of interference signals on electrical lines


Ref.-No. 4708

Due to the steadily increasing number of electrical and electronic devices in motor vehicles, there is an ever-increasing disturbance on the supply lines. In particular the power electronics generate unwanted interference signals. This can lead to significant interference with useful signals such as the radio signals.

ComNoEL is an effective method of compensating for interference on cables. The transfer function between disturbance and supply voltage of the coupling coil is individually adapted to the coupling path between the disturbance and the receiver that is to be protected, in order to minimize the disturbance there. Even disturbance on supply lines with high voltages can be safely suppressed due to the inductive coupling. By using hinged ferrite cores, it is also possible to retrofit ComNoEL.

Keywords: Elektrofahrzeug, Regelung, Störsignal, Electric vehicle, power, energy, Control, interference, disturbance suppression

Commercial Opportunities

ComNoEL is a technology intended primarily for use in motor vehicles, but other applications, especially with a DC power supply, are conceivable. Noise cancellation can make a significant contribution to improving the transmission of communication signals in complex electrical systems.

Competitive Advantages

  • Efficient disturbance suppression
  • Individual adaptation to the coupling path
  • Inductive coupling
  • Can also be used with high supply voltages
  • Suitable for retrofitting

Current Status                       

The invention has been applied for patent. Do not hesitate to ask us for status details. On behalf of TU Dortmund University, we offer interested companies the opportunity to license and develop the technology.


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