FoBT Sensor - Non-Electrical Dew point and Temperature measurement through a long distance optical fiber probe


Ref.-No. 3771

Tailored to the current practical requirements, the FoBt Sensor has been developed by the Institute of Nanotechnologies and Optical Technologies (iNano) at the Niederrhein University of Applied Science.

Persistent and unrecognized moisture lead to moisture damage and loss of quality on different kinds of products. The novel optical fiber sensor (FoBt Sensor) from iNano combines the detection of water condensation on the probe tip surface with an active determination of the condensation rate and the temperature measurement at the sensor head. This is made possible through the application of the optical fiber sensor principle and the special design of the probe tip. 

Commercial Application

Due to the non-electrical measuring method, the FoBt sensor can be used not only in the classical condensation-risk environments, but also in particularly sensitive, potentially explosive atmospheres or even in the vicinity of high voltage. The miniaturized structure allows the measurements in inaccessible places and also the subsequent reinstallation of existing products.

Current Status   

The Niederrhein University of Applied Science holds a small patent portfolio for the technology of the optical fiber determination of condensation rate. The German Patent for the above mentioned technology has been submitted by the Niederrhein University at the DPMA.

An International Patent application is possible as well. The functionality of the sensor technology has been demonstrated on a laboratory scale. Different designs and shapes can be made according to customer requests.

PROvendis GmbH offers on behalf of the Niederrhein University licenses to interested companies for the utilization of this technology and the production of its parts.


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