Full Inorganic Load Bearing Insulator - Light weight thermal-insulator material with robust compressive load and flame retardant properties


Ref.-No. 4448

Scientists of the University of Duisburg-Essen developed in cooperation with the German Aerospace Center (DLR) a full inorganic insulation material with high performance qualities.

The material exhibits extraordinary heat-insulating and load-carrying properties. It combines the benefits of conventional inorganic building material like compressive strength and the ability to be poured into all kind of durable moulds with the advantage of being heat-insulating. The latter makes it perfect with regards to energy saving aspects. The designated properties are dependent on the ratio of matrix-to insulation-material. It’s very low weight in combination with its compression strength and its flame-retardant properties makes it a potential construction material even for applications with high demands.

Commercial Opportunities

The superlight and superinsulating material could be used in cars, trains and any other kind of vehicles. Even aerospace applications are imaginable.

Keywords: Aerogelbeton, insulation, load bearing, concrete, thermal, acoustical, flame-retardant, heat resistance, heat-insulating, german Aerospace Center, DLR, building material, construction

By its heat resistance, the material enables the passive isolation of load bearing areas in buildings as well as passive insulation in areas where high temperatures occur like exhaust systems or furnaces.

In addition, the material isolates not only thermally but also acoustically.

High efficient heat pumps, new kinds of filters for clean air inside cars, trains and airplanes are just some examples of applications.

Current Status

An international PCT patent application is pending.

On behalf of the University of Duisburg-Essen and the DLR, PROvendis offers access to rights for commercial use as well as the opportunity for further co-development.

Relevant Publications

Fickler et al (2015). Development of High Performance Aerogel Concrete. Energy Procedia, Vol 78, 406-411.


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