IConEVe - Intelligent Control of Components and energy flows in electrical vehicles

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IConEVe is a decentralized control system for electrically operated vehicles. The electrical consumers (components) are equipped with microprocessor-based controller units (multi-agents), which are able to regulate, control and read vehicle data independently. In addition, these controllers are connected to one another via a bus or a radio system in order to achieve an optimum interplay of the individual components by means of data exchange.

In addition to the vehicle data, IConEVe also evaluates data of the route, weather and traffic, in order to ensure optimal energy and performance management for the vehicle. The journey can be intelligently and continuously optimized in accordance with the wishes of the driver (range, speed, comfort, etc.), depending on the remaining driving distance, the external circumstances and the level of the batteries, without the driver having to intervene actively in the process.

Keywords: Electric vehicle, power, energy, control, agent, motor control, energy management, battery  

Furthermore, IConEVe is able to compensate for the failure of one or more controller units by others, so that the operation can continued even with minor defects. This is fully automatic due to the uniform structure of all controllers, their intelligence and the communication system used. If a controller fails during operation, it is restarted by the other controllers. If the restart fails, its functions are immediately taken over by other controllers.

Commercial Opportunities

IConEVe can be used as a vehicle control system in all electric vehicles and also in conventional vehicles. IConEVe's flexibility - plug-and-play of controllers at any time - and the redundancy offered by the multi-agent concept ensures a very high reliability.

The continuous assessment of all internal and external parameters for the vehicle's control makes it possible to improve driving comfort and / or range. Experiments have shown an increase in the range of up to 45% compared to previous energy management concepts. The controllers are based on simple electronic components and are cost-effective.

Competitive Advantages

  • Completely new concept
  • Increases the range
  • Increases reliability
  • Low cost
  • Identical controller hardware
  • Plug & Play

Current Status

A German patent application has been filed at the DPMA, international patent applications can be filed. In the name of the RWTH Aachen, PROvendis offers interested companies the possibility of licensing and further developing.




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