MicroDetec - Non-invasive Multiparameter Detection in Microfluidic Devices


Ref.-No. 4055

The implementation of multi-phase reactions in micro-devices offers a promising method for process intensification in the production of high-tech chemicals, because the relative large surface enables efficient mass and heat transfer. To reap these advantages on an industrial scale, an affordable and robust process monitoring method is required.

While conventional sensor concepts are often not suitable for micro dimensions and too expensive, the new sensor system MicroDetec is ideal for continuous operating mode and sensitive flow conditions in microreactors. The measurement method exploits the phenomenon, that the fluids in biphasic flow in non-conductive micro channels undergo a polarization. This polarization is monitored by an electrode, which is flush fitted on a non-conductive channel (e.g. PTFE). To improve the signal / noise ratio, the measuring point is electrically shielded and the measuring signal is amplified.

Commercial Opportunity

Micro process technology offers a lot of potential for the intensification of chemical, biochemical and pharmaceutical production.

Furthermore a reduction of the sample volumes and the time required for analysis can be achieved by miniaturization.

Ideal applications for MicroDetect are multiphase microfluidic systems, where conventional invasive analytical methods are not suitable, because of the small dimensions and the sensitive flows. But MicroDetec is also suitable for monitoring of conventional systems in a kind of bypass procedure.
Finally MicroDetec can be used as a sensor in single-phase systems by using a customized aqueous or organic phase as measurement probe.

Current Status

MicroDetec is protected by an international patent application.

A first operating prototype has been built.

PROvendis is offering licenses for the invention to interested companies on behalf of the TU Dortmund. There is also the possibility of collaboration with the inventors.


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