odemS - Online Detection of Explosives by Microbalance Sensors


Ref.-No. 1702

Scientists of the Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms University of Bonn and the Max Planck Gesellschaft developed a modular sensor system for online detection of Triacetontriperoxide (TATP) in gas phase. The detection took place in open air flow. Common Substances could be discriminated from the TATP signal. The Technology based on chemical modified microbalance quartz sensors. The use of common electronic parts and minor amount of affine sensor materials leads to a cost effective Fabrication.

Commercial Opportunities

The invention odemS enables a direct online detection of the explosive TATP without any Collection procedure. Therefore a rapid and continuous on-site Detection of persons and Objects on TATP traces
is possible. The System offers a broad application spectrum. It could be used to control a great amount of
people e.g. in airlocks. On the other hand, the system has the potential for minimization. The fabrication of a handheld version of odemS could lead to a direct control system for persons, items or vehicles. The modular device could easily customize for other analytical application.

Competitive Advantages

  • Very high sensitivity by high frequency oscillating Crystals
  • Use of low-cost electronic, potential for minimization and mass production
  • Continuous detection of the explosive TATP without any collection procedure
  • Direct detection and identification of the very volatile TATP in the airflow, (sensitivity approx. under 1ppm)
  • Reversible Sensor system with rapid recovery (few seconds)
  • Modular device is easily customise for other analytical application

Current Status

A patent application was filed at the German Patent office. International patent applications are possible. A prototype in a handheld version has been proved in laboratory experience and military benches. PROvendis offers on behalf of the University of Bonn licenses for the commercialization of odemS to innovative companies.


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