Optical Clearing - Non-harmful optical clearing of biological samples


Ref.-No. 4508

The latest developments in microscopy and imaging techniques (e.g. light-sheet microscopy, two-photon microscopy, optical projection tomography) facilitate the display of large three-dimensional tissue samples.

Refractive index matching of the biological sample with the surrounding medium is an established method for optical clearing of entire organs, whereas the key challenge is the preservation of fluorescence staining that has been performed beforehand. However, all of the currently established protocols are based on the use of harmful chemicals (ref. Richardson & Lichtman).

The herewith presented invention substitutes these harmful chemicals by a non-harmful substance with comparable results of fluorescence preservation. By means of this substance, an easy to use protocol has been established that allows a safe optical clearing of biological samples for microscopy even by unpracticed laboratory personnel.

Commercial Opportunities

There is currently a strongly growing need for methods and chemicals for the preparation of large biological samples for three-dimensional imaging.

Keywords: Ethyl cinnamate, optical clearing, diagnostic imaging, organ, Zimtsäureethylester, optische Bereinigung, bildgebendes Verfahren, Organe

The invented substance and protocol are of high interest for any supplier or company in the field of microscopy and imaging techniques. The unique selling proposition is that the herewith offered invention constitutes the sole methodology optical clearing of biological samples without use of harmful chemicals combined with high quality fluorescence preservation.

Current Status

The invented substance and protocol is routinely used by the inventors and has thus been shown to be robust for general laboratory usage.

On behalf of the University of Duisburg and Essen, PROvendis offers access to rights for commercial use as well as the opportunity for further co-development, e.g. of a kit. In case of interest we will be pleased to inform you about the patent status.

Relevant Publications

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