Phase-separation cell 1: Measurement equipment for liquid/liquid dispersion and separation processes in centrifugal field


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The characterization of sedimentation and coalescence processes in a multi-phase system is a crucial step for the design and development of equipments for phase dispersion and separations. An established model of phase separator is based on the application of a gravitational field on the multiphase system. For those kinds of equipments, an early system characterization is possible thanks to suitable procedures and instruments established at laboratory-scale.

An effective alternative to gravitational separators are annular centrifugal contactors. Those equipments offer a better scalability and flexibility respect to the gravitational separator. Furthermore, they provide a versatile solution as phase separators as well as chemical reactors. Although centrifugal contactors are already established at the industrial level, a pre-characterization of the systems of interest in small equipment is not possible with the existing technologies.

The lack of possibility for a quantitative investigation before stepping in the industrial application is often a deterrent for the use of centrifugal contactors.

Keywords: centrifuge, dispersion, separation, measurement cell

The invention consists in laboratory equipment for the experimental investigation of the phase separation of a multi-phase system in a centrifugal field. It combines the functionalities of a centrifuge with those of a chemical reactor. The invention allows a complete characterization of the multi-phases system of interest in a very compact machine before scaling up the process at industrial level. The phase separation can be guided under full control of environmental parameters and monitored with on-line cameras. Every step of the process can be quantitatively studied and compared with simulated values.

Commercial Opportunities

A working prototyp has been produced and fully tested by the inventors in the RWTH Aachen University facilities and can be customized according to the technical requirements of the single experiments. The compact equipment allows a full quantitative characterization of phase separation phenomena in multi-phase systems in a laboratory envinronment and can be transported in customer´s laboratories for  characterizations on site. The small amounts of reactants allow an extensive characterization for different set of parameters in order to establish the optimal process conditions before scaling up the machine and the process at industrial-level. Therefore the invention represents a great opportunity to reduce costs, to optimize the results and to achieve full controll on the process.

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Competitive Advantages

  • Compact and cost effective
  • Enables pre-characterization al lab level for processes in centrifugal contactors
  • On-line camera
  • Complete control on measurements parameters
  • Quantitative results

Current Status                                                                                                        

A patent application for this invention has been filed in Germany. On behalf of the RWTH University, PROvendis is seeking a partner for further development in view of licensing the technology.

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