Phase-separation cell 2: Liquid/liquid dispersion, reaction and separation processes in centrifugal field in one device as one closed batch process



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The dispersion and reaction of two immiscible liquids with subsequently separation of the products according to the state of the art need several steps. The invention enables process intensification, the dispersion, reaction and separation of two immiscible liquids in one device in one batch process. The core of the invention is a rotatable reactor with an integrated centrifuge. Thus the invention enables equipment reduction of separate mixing and separation devices. Depending on how the motors run towards  another, a mixing or a centrifugal effect is produced.  A video of the principal function of the rotor-stator system can be found at

Keywords: centrifuge, dispersion, separation, reaction

Thus, depending on differential rotation a controllable more or less high energy input in the liquid-liquid system is given. Based on this the interface production can be varied. After mixing process the main reaction or even further secondary reactions, can be stopped by a very fast liquid-liquid separation.

Furthermore, there are only small quantities of liquids required. Also the invention focused high-pressure liquid-liquid-gas reaction systems Operation.

Commercial Opportunities

The invention is suitable for laboratories, fine chemicals, pharmacy, technics especially for product development and production of special chemicals.

The invention is a concept by inventors of the RWTH Aachen University. The invention is faster than the conventionel concepts in the state of the art.  Therefore the invention represents a great opportunity to reduce costs, to optimize the results and to achieve full controll on the process.

Competitive Advantages

  • Compact and cost effective
  • Mixing and Separation in one device
  • Complete control on measurements parameters
  • Variable energy input
  • Quantitative results
  • Short contact times also with coalescence inhibited substance Systems 
  • No back-mixing

Current Status                                                                                                     

A patent application for this invention has been filed in Germany. On behalf of the RWTH University, PROvendis is seeking a partner for further development in view of licensing the Technology.

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