PLUMSOLV – Soluble lead flow battery and conditioning method


Ref.-No. 4958

The present invention relates to the field of electrochemical energy storage devices, particular relates to the field of redox flow cells. Electrolytic deposition of lead has been around for decades industrially applied and is well known for the high energy yield of almost 100%. In a SLFB cell (Soluble Lead Flow Battery) a similar process is used to generate energy in form of layered deposits to store on a surface of two electrodes.

Keywords: Batterien, Elektrode, Blei-Säure Batterie, Redox-Durchflusszellen, elektrochemische Energiespeichervorrichtung, Energie-Effizienz, batteries, electrode, lead acid battery, redox-flow cells, electrochemical energy storage device, energy efficiency

The invention relates to an energy storage device comprising at least one electrochemical cell. The cell comprising a negative electrode and a positive electrode in contact with an electrolyte comprising a lead salt in an acidic solution. The positive electrode comprising a substrate having at least a portion of its surface reversibly covered with a lead dioxide layer and the negative electrode comprising a substrate having at least a portion of its surface reversibly covered with a lead metal layer. At least a portion of the surface of the positive electrode comprises an initial lead dioxide layer and at least a portion of the surface of the negative electrode comprises an initial lead metal layer. Initial layers partially remain on the electrodes during cycling of the cell. This advantageously results in stabilizing cell performances and extending the cell or battery life.

Competitive Advantages

  • Cost efficient
  • Improved overall performance
  • Significant increased cell life / battery life
  • Higher energy efficiency

Commerical Opportunities

By means of the invention, the adhesion of active masses to the electrodes can be markedly improved, which allows a higher energy efficiency, as well as the replacement of the very costly electrode materials by cost efficient alternatives. SLFBs stand out especially by a cost effective and simple structure out – with a comparably high efficiency and capacity as achieved in Lithium-Ion systems. The present invention is usable in stationary energy storage and load levelling applications. Especially for effective consumption increas in photovoltaic systems, or of power stabilisation of fluctuating power plants such as wind, solar and tidal power plants. Unlike vanadium and zinc bromine redox flow batteries SLFB advantageously uses comparatively cheap and non-corrosive materials in redox flow technology.

Current Status

A German patent application has been filed. The invention is in the form of test programs and laboratory cells made of PMMA. On behalf of the Westfälische Hochschule PROvendis offers access to rights for commercial use as well as the opportunity for further co-development.

An invention of the Westfälische Hochschule.

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