Sili-Kill - Antimicrobial SiO2 Nanoparticles


Ref.-No. 4119

A special process to coat SiO2 nanoparticles around with biocidal quaternary ammonium silanes has been achieved, so that the biocidal moiety points always outwards. Subsequently, the nanoparticles can be deposited on one surface from a dispersion of a simple solvent (for example alcohol). The forming surface coating acts purely contact active antimicrobial. That means, when touching, no toxic substances go over the contacting body.

Commercial Opportunities

The new SiO2 nanoparticles are suitable for the antimicrobial coating especially in sanitary and wet areas, for example, of silicone joints. However, all surfaces in principle can be coated with them.

Due to the exclusive contact active mode of operation, they are especially adecuate as well for places where children play or stay long.

An important application field are the air and air condition filtration systems, by preventing formation of mold and biofilms.

As an interesting fact, the coated surfaces have also an additional high water-repellent and/or dirt-repellent effect.

Current Status  

Sili-Kill was patented by the Technical University of Dortmund in June, 2014. An international patent application came afterwards in 2015.

The manufacturing process and the product properties of the nanoparticles and the surface coating were investigated and proved.

PROvendis offers on behalf of the TU Dortmund business licenses to Sili-Kill or looks for partners for the exploration of other special applications.

Keywords: Anti-microbial surface coating, nano particle, hydrophobe, sanitary, wet, air condition, silicone




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