SPS nano Composites - Nanocomposites of inorganic nanoparticles in polymers using fast sintering


Ref.-No. 4847

The present invention describes a novel fabrication method for organic polymer nanocomposites. The spark plasma sintering (SPS) process has produced new composites of inorganic nanoparticles in polymers. SPS is a uniaxial pressure sintering method that generates a high temperature plasma in powdered materials by local electrical discharges (sparks). Typical representatives are composites of zinc- selenide nanoparticles in polycarbonate.

In the manufacturing process, the material properties can be optimally adjusted by varying the time, pressure and temperature.

Keywords: Verbundwerkstoff, Funken-Plasma-Sintern, Masterbatch, Nanopartikel, Fluoreszenz, Composite, Spark Plasma Sintering, Master Batch, nano particles, fluorescence

Competitive Advantages

  • Hardly any solvents
  • No breakage
  • Optically transparent composites
  • High filling level
  • High homogeneity

Commercial Opportunities

Possible applications include the production of master batches, the adjustment of the refractive index of polymers or the production of sensors. Another application is the production of optically active layers in subsequent steps.
Zinc- selenid nanoparticles are used for fluorescence conversion because their band gap is in the near UV range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Accordingly, zinc- selenid nanoparticles are outstandingly suitable for improving the overall efficiency of solar cells.

Current Status

At the end of 2017, a European patent application was filed for the invention „SPS nano composites“. There is a proof-of-concept, with which the the function proof of the invention was provided.

PROvendis offers on behalf of the University of Applied Sciences Münster and the University of Limerick interested companies licenses, or the possibility of purchasing the invention. A common development of the invention is possible.


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