WordPass – Secure administration and transfer of passwords

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With the array of passwords that we need nowadays when shopping and communicating on the Internet, it is hard to get by without using a password manager. However, there are still security weaknesses and limitations in terms of convenience, particularly when the password manager is saved on the same computer or smartphone that you are also using to surf the Internet or when you have to read and input long, cryptic passwords yourself.

WordPass offers an alternative, secure technology. The password manager runs, for instance, on a smartphone while you surf the Internet on another device. The headphone output on the smartphone is connected to a USB input using a suitably configured cable. If a password needs to be entered, it can be selected and submitted in the password manager. The password is then converted into an acoustic code. Within an electronic circuit that is integrated into the cable, this acoustic signal is then converted into a digital signal that looks like a keyboard input to the computer .

As the acoustic output is used, only unidirectional communication is possible and the password manager cannot be attacked during password input. There is also no need to copy the password manually from the smartphone’s screen – a process that is prone to Errors.

Keywords: Datensicherheit, Zugriffsschutz, Passwort, Passwortmanager, Data security, access protection, password, password Manager

Commercial Opportunities

WordPass combines a password manager with a special cable, which connects the acoustic output of a device to the USB input of a second device. The input signal at the USB port is configured in such a way that every device recognizes it as a keyboard input. WordPass can thus be used anywhere and combines the utmost data security with the greatest convenience when inputting passwords.

Competitive Advantages

  • Unidirectional communication
  • Ease-of-use
  • High data security

Current Status                                                                                                       

A patent application has been submitted to the Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt (German Patent and Trade Mark Office). On behalf of Paderborn University, we offer interested companies the possibility of licensing and the further development of the technology.

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