Battery Technology

TetGal - Tetrakis(perfluororganyl)gallate for LIBs, ILs and photocatalysis

Ref.-No. 5517

Keywords: gallates, electrolyte, battery, lithium ion accumulator, coulomb efficiency, high conductivity

Scientists at the University of Bielefeld successfully synthesized tetrakis(perfluoralkyl)gallate, tetrakis(perfluoralkenyl)gallate, and tetrakis(perfluoralkinyl)gallate, e.g. as the conducting salt for lithium-ion batteries, as a photoacid generator or as a weakly coordinating anion in ionic liquids.


  • Non-toxic
  • Hydrolytically stable
  • High conductivity
  • Coulombic efficiency comparable to Li[PF6]

Commercial Application

The lithium salt of tetrakis(pentafluoroethyl)gallate, Li[Ga(C2F5)4], has been successfully tested as a conducting salt, for instance in lithium-ion batteries. A coulombic efficiency only slightly below the reference cell with Li[PF6] could already be determined on the as yet unoptimized system. The conductivity of Li[Ga(C2F5)4] in a 1 M diethyl carbonate solution, which is twice as high compared to Li[PF6], and its thermal stability (greater than 150°C) were demonstrated in the laboratory.

Status Quo

A patent has been filed for the invention in Germany. International patent registrations are possible.                                       

Relevant Puclications

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An invention of Bielefeld University.

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