Communication Technology

dualMode-Radio - Radio transmission technique with two free space modes

Ref.-No. 1029

Keywords: radio transmission techniques, GHz-range, dualMode-Radio, car-to-car communication, RFID-technology, chip-to-chip communication

Most current radio transmission techniques use locally generated signals for the demodulation of the received signals. The electronic devices like synthesizers and local oscillators needed for the demodulation are expensive and require much space. dualMode-Radio exploits two free space modes of the same frequency for transmission. In addition to the wanted signal the emitter provides a signal at the same frequency for the demodulation, which is orthogonal to the wanted signal. Thus there is no need for a local oscillator or a synthesizer in the receiver, which means significant reduction in the number of electronic devices. Besides this the requirements on the transmitter oscillator are much less than in conventional system as wanted signal and demodulation signal originate from the same source. Additionally there is also a significant decrease of power consumption. Especially in the GHz-range dualMode-Radio has obvious cost advantages. dualMode-Radio can be used with almost all modulation schemes and it is insensitive to the Doppler effect as the signal for demodulation is sent with the wanted signal.

Commercial Opportunities

dualMode-Radio is a simple and cost saving alternative to established transmission techniques. An interesting field of application is short range transmission like car-to-car communication, RFID-technology or chip-to-chip communication to replace connections by wire.

Current Status

dualMode-Radio was developed at the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen. On behalf of the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen the PROvendis GmbH offers exclusive licences on dualMode-Radio and opportunities for further development to innovative companies. Patents are granted in Europe, the US and Japan.

An invention of FH Aachen.

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