Communication Technology

OPoLiCom - Optimized Powerline Communication System

Ref.-No. 3937

Keywords: Power Line Communication, PLC, OFDM, Datenübertragung; Stromnetz, Smart Meter

However, PLC subject to large variations with regard to access impedance, the transfer function and the noise, so that a continuous adaptation of the system is necessary for a good transmission. The increasing use of switched mode power supplies with EMC filters, the situation worsened for the transmitter and familiar concepts dramatically lose efficiency. In particular, low access impedances in certain frequency ranges lead to more and more often the limits of EN 50065-1 can no longer be achieved. OPoLiCom is a system that continuously monitors the access impedance over frequency. If the access impedance spectral density below a threshold value, in the respective frequency range, no power is fed. Since the maximum power consumption of a PLC transmitter is limited, it ensures that in the frequency ranges with sufficiently high access impedance sufficient power can be fed. This is necessary for a good signal-to-noise ratio. By using OFDM with strong channel coding as in the just now standardized method, the absence of a portion of transmission frequencies can be compensated without any information to the receiver. This allows a standard-compliant implementation.

Commercial Application

OPoLiCom is a system that can improve power line communication and that also helps to reduce the power consumption of the transmitter. OPoLiCom complies with EN 50056-1 and thus it can play an important role in the "smart metering". Since no changes to the hardware of the transmitter and the receiver are necessary, technology providers can ensure a cost-effective, technical lead with OPoLiCom.

Status Quo

A patent application has been filed in Germany. On behalf of the University of Applied Sciences Ruhr West, we offer the opportunity of licensing and further development of the technology to interested companies.

An invention of HS Ruhr-West.

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