Communication Technology

Wireless Data Bus Bridge - Wireless transmision through a Data Bus Bridge

Ref.-No. 4699

Keywords: Communication, wireless, electronics, bus, bus system, CAB bus

Conventional methods of bus systems transmit their signals over wired links between the bus subscribers, resulting in e.g. the automotive electronics, the vehicle weight increases with increasing number of cable and connectors. The wireless data bus bridge solves the task of reliable and wireless communication of bus subscribers by virtue of the fact that an intermediate bridge unit between bus users and bus nodes takes over the bidirectional coomunication. In addition to that, no chnage in the transmission system is required because the data of the bus is converted directly into a radion signal and converted back into a bus signal after reception, without a protocol conversion has to take place.

Potential applications

  • Transmission technology
  • Automotive industry
  • Automation technology
  • Sensors

Competitive Advantages

  • Weight loss
  • Cost saving
  • No protocol
  • Use for numerous bus systems such as the CAN bus

Commercial Opportunities

The invention is preferably used for the automotive industry and sensor technology, but also for the transmission technology and automation technology. For the automotive sector, a further embodiment with a CAN bus is an additional advantage. Due to a smaller number of required cable and plug connections, the costs and the weight of bus systems can be reduced.

Current Status

The invention has been applied for patent. Do not hesitate to ask for status details. A proof-of-principle has been provided. On behalf of the Fachhochschule Aachen, we offer interested companies the opportunity to license or purchase , as well as to further develop the technology.

An invention of FH Aachen.

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