Multifunctional Aptamers - Aptamers for the treatment and diagnosis of cancer

Ref.-No. 3546

Especially the targeted delivery of macromolecular charged drug-like molecules, for example antagomirs and siRNA, is limited since these candidates do not cross cell membranes but rather have to be actively provided to the intracellular milieu. The present invention provides novel aptamers capable of recognizing tumour cells and delivering macromolecular molecules into tumour cells. Aptamers are short single-stranded nucleic acids that recognize specific target structures with high affinity and specificity. Additionally, since aptamers have been shown to possess almost no toxicity and immunogenicity they are promising candidates for biomedical applications. Surprisingly, the identified aptamers recognize various cancer cells particularly those derived from solid tumours, while non-tumourgenic and primary healthy cells are not recognized. Thus, these findings render the aptamers applicable as broad-spectrum diagnostics and therapeutics.


  • Aptamers as novel broadspectrum therapeutics and diagnostics for the treatment of cancer
  • Aptamers specifically recognize tumour cells without affecting healthy cells
  • Suitable for the specific delivery macro

Commercial Application

The described technology enables diagnosis and treatment of several tumour types with one formulation, thereby reducing the developing costs for pharmaceuticals. On behalf of the University Bonn, PROvendis offers access to rights for commercial use as well as the opportunity for further co-development.

Status Quo

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