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ITraRo - Intuitive Trajectory Control for Robots

Ref.-No. 4942

Keywords: Robot, mobile robot, gesture control, trajectory

A method for the movement guidance of mobile robots by means of an intuitive trajectory control was recently developed at Bochum University for Applied Sciences. Robot movement specification commonly relies either on remote controls or on gesture recognition methods. Remote controls are hardly intuitive and inaccurate. Gesture recognition controls are sophisticated and erroneous. Furthermore, it is required to attach sensors or markers to the operator’s hands. ITraRo utilizes a simple, easy to learn and intuitive control for mobile robots. Now even technical unexperienced operators are able to navigate mobile robots. ITraRo relies neither on a remote control device nor on operator body mounted sensors or markers. Only a depth camera for the operator movement monitoring is required. The operator’s movements are combined to a trajectory by translating them to movement commands. Hence, even complex navigation commands can be transferred to a mobile robot.

Potential Applications

  • Industrial transport robots
  •  Service robots
  • Domestic robots
  • Toy robots


  • Simple control of mobile robots
  • Easy to learn operation even for unexperienced users
  • No remote control required
  • Sensor free
  • Marker free
  • Intuitive and precise control of robot movements

Commercial Application

The intuitive trajectory control can be utilized for each kind of mobile robot. In many cases, the robot is already equipped with the required depth camera. Otherwise the robot can easily be updated. In particular, industrial transport robots, service robots, domestic robots and toy robots benefit from the novel control method. Even unexperienced operators can easily learn the operation.

Status Quo

A patent application has been submitted for the invention. Do not hesitate to ask us for the current state of the granting procedure. A prototype is available which demonstrates the functionality of the invention. On behalf of Bochum University for Applied Sciences PROvendis offers licenses for the invention and the patent application to interested companies.

An invention of HS Bochum.

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