Energy & Environmental Technology

AGIDC - Adaptive Grid Impedance Droop Control

Ref.-No. 3002

Keywords: Wechselrichter, Stromnetz, Solar, alternative Energien, erneuerbare Energien, Einspeisung, Regelung

For power feeder in low- and medium voltage power grid the ohmic part of the impedance gains more influence than in the transport grid. This means that the coupling of frequency and voltage to active and reactive power can be completely inverted compared to the common droop control. AGIDC solves this problem of droop control for decentralized power feeder in low-and medium voltage grids. AGIDC - with an impedance dependent static function - provides a droop control in a general form. The power feeding can be adapted to changing grid impedances and to other requirements from the transport grid.


  • Adaption of the control concept for power feeder in low- and medium-voltage grids
  • Secure control
  • Improvement of efficiency and grid stability
  • Improved integration of small and medium power feeders
  • Higher security of power supply

Commercial Application

As feeding from decentralized power feeder like photovoltaic installations and wind power stations don’t contribute to the grid control it is more and more difficult to guarantee the stability of the power grid. AGIDC helps to stabilize the grid and to avoid black-outs. By this the efficiency of the power feeding can be improved by avoiding down times of the power feeders. AGIDC should be part of any inverter connected to the power grid.

Status Quo

A patent application have been filed in Europe, the US and China. On behalf of the University of Applied Sciences Südwestfalen PROvendis offers licenses on the technology and the possibility for further development of the technology.

An invention of FH Südwestfalen.

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