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Efficient H2O decomposition - Transition-metal catalyst for the photocatalytic H2O decomposition

Ref.-No. 5198

Keywords: Edelmetallfrei, Katalysator, Photokatalyse, Wasser, Wasserstoff, Sauerstoff, Precious metal free, catalyst, photo catalysis, water, Hydrogen, oxygen

The large-scale implementation of sustainable hydrogen production, however, requires the development of new precious metal-free and thereby cost- effective co-catalysts. At this stage, the cheap and readily available transition metal are on offer. Therefore, the development of Cu- based co-catalysts is attracting increasing attention. So far, binary Cu-containing co-catalysts have been explored, which, however, show significantly lower reaction rates, compared to the precious metal-based catalysts.


  • Precious metal-free
  • Easy regenerable
  • High quantum yield
  • Highly scalable synthesis of three readily available metals

Commercial Application

The invention "Efficient H2O- decomposition " refers to the synthesis of a precious metal-free mixed oxide catalyst by depostion of transition metal oxides on an n-type semiconducting material. A typical representative is e.g. obtained by the depostition of MOOx,, CROy, and CuOz on Ga2O3. This quaternary catalyst systems exhibit activity and stability in the photocatalytic decomposition of water, which is comparable to those with established precious metal-containing catalysts systems. But in fact, they are more cost- effective. The new catalyst systems are also easy to regenerate and therfore make long service lives possible.

Status Quo

The invention has been applied for patent. Do not hesitate to ask for status details. A proof-of-principle has been provided. On behalf of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, we offer interested companies the opportunity to license or purchase, as well as to further develop the technology. 

An invention of Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

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