Blockage-free cross-vortex air nozzle - For use in numerous applications in actual factory environments

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Without further measures, however, the flow of the exiting air over the running length of the slot is very uneven in terms of volume and outlet direction. This means that a considerable degree of selectivity is lost in the sorting process. Pressure loss generators (perforated plates, labyrinths, etc.) are therefore installed in order to smooth the flow in the slotted nozzles. The pressure drop generators usually block the flow cross sections at least partially. This makes the nozzles susceptible to being clogged by particles carried along in the flow. The operational safety of conventional systems in particle-containing atmospheres can then no longer be guaranteed easily, as there is a risk of clogging and thus a loss of function of the slotted nozzles. Cleaning times and downtimes occur. In order to operate plants for sifting material flows more efficiently in the future, slotted nozzles that do not have the disadvantages mentioned above are required. The blockage-free cross-vortex air nozzle recently developed in the mechanical engineering department at FH Münster-University of Applied Sciences meets this need. The innovative cross-vortex air nozzle delivers a perfectly even air flow at every point of its outflow area. This is achieved through precise internal contouring without blocking the internal cross-sections at the same time. This forces flow separations, in the downstream of which flow recirculation areas are formed. The flow path in these standing air vortices is extended many times over, i.e. a much longer nozzle is "simulated". The stationary recirculating vortex supports the transverse exchange within the nozzle and ensures very good uniform distribution over the entire length of the outlet slot. The nozzle is insensitive to contamination due to the absence of internal components (perforated plates, guide plates, etc.).


  • Slotted outlet with high uni-formity of volume and direction of outlet velocity
  • No internal fixtures (perforated plates, guide plates etc.)
  • This makes the nozzle insensitive to contamination
  • Can be used in harsh factory environments
  • Cleaning times and maintenance times are not required
  • Versatile applications, e.g. recycling, drying, heating, separation of products

Commercial Application

Thanks to the innovative cross-vortex air nozzle, even particle-laden volume flows can now be smoothed. Since the inner cross-section remains essentially free, the risk of clogging is considerably minimized. The cross-vortex air nozzle can therefore be used for numerous applications in real factory environments, e.g. in the field of recyclables preparation, temperature control or drying of goods in dusty environments, cleaning of goods in blasting facilities, etc. Cleaning times and maintenance times are no longer necessary.

Status Quo

PROvendis is looking for interested companies for commercialization on behalf of FH Münster-University of Applied Sciences. A German patent has been granted.

An invention of FH Münster.

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