Drivetrain Integrated DC-DC Converter for Multiple Voltage Level Vehicles

Ref.-No. 4424

The low power components are mainly powered by a low voltage (12V) battery.A bidirectional DC-DC converter charges the low-voltage battery and, if necessary, also supplies the high-voltage circuit. This DC-DC converter causes significant additional costs, as well as additional weight and increased space requirements. The constant cost pressure in the automotive industry requires a system for charging both batteries with significantly reduced effort.


  • Low cost
  • Less space required
  • Less weight

Commercial Application

A system currently being developed at RWTH Aachen University picks up on this need. The novel powertrain integrated DC-DC converter for hybrid vehicles extends the familiar conventional inverter topology for operating the starter with just two power semiconductors and an intelligent controller. The innovative technology reduces the space requirements, the weight and overall cost of the powertrain and thus has considerable advantages over the previous solutions.

Status Quo

The Invention has been applied for patent internationally. We are happy to inform you about the status of the proceedings. On behalf of RWTH Aachen, PROvendis is looking for companies that are interested in further development to market maturity. Apart from cooperation, licenses for the invention as well as the intellectual property rights may be granted.

An invention of RWTH Aachen.

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