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Pillow Plate-Heat Exchanger - With optimized flow configuration for increased efficiency

Ref.-No. 4479

Keywords: Wärmeübertragung, Kissenplatten-Wärmeübertrager, Thermoblech-Wärmeübertrager, Heat Transfer, Pillow-Plate Heat Exchanger

In this regard, the flow configuration in PPHE is crucial for key aspects like energy efficiency, operating costs and functionality. Whereas in conventional PPHE the flow can be redirected by baffles made of welding lines in the inner pillow-plate channels, there is no method to improve the flow configuration in the outer channels. For this reason, a new PPHE was developed in the group of Professor Kenig at the University of Paderborn, which enables the flow redirection also in the outer channels. This provides an optimized flow configuration in the entire heat exchanger and can be customized according to the specific application. The new flow configuration is achieved by implementing various baffle elements within the pillow-plate stack, which offers the possibility of multiplied flow redirection either in the inner channels only, or in the outer channels only, or on both sides simultaneously, depending on the application. The advantages of this construction are the optimized flow configuration (e.g. ideal counter-current flow), the increase of the mean stream velocity (e.g. important in applications with gases) in both channels leading to heat transfer enhancement, as well as a facilitated flow distribution among the outer channels at the inlet of the PPHE. The modified design is simple in assembling and can be easily implemented into existing manufacturing processes.

Commercial Application

The proposed invention helps to increase heat transfer rates in PPHE, to improve energy efficiency and to reduce operating costs. Such heat exchangers can be used in various industrial areas.

Some example applications are:

  • Gas cooler: improved gas-side heat transfer (outer channels) due to higher mean stream velocity resulting from the new baffle elements.
  • Condenser with integrated supercooling section: supercooling of the condensate through the implementation of new baffles in the lower condenser section.
  • Evaporator with integrated superheating section: superheating of the steam through the implementation of new baffles in the top evaporator section.

Status Quo

A German patent application is pending, international applications are possible. On behalf of the University of Paderborn, PROvendis offer licenses to interested companies.

An invention of Uni Paderborn.

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