Structural Engineering

CLL diagonal

Ref.-No. 5297

Keywords: Wandsystem, Holz, nachhaltig, wiederverwertbar, mehrgeschossig, Wall system, wood, sustainable, recyclabe, multy-story

The trapezoidal profiled toothing as a node connection with high rigidity and the diagonally arranged layer structure are the basis of the high load-bearing capacity. The space between the wooden layers can be filled with a non-load-bearing insulating material.  The distances between the individual wooden layers guarantee an optimized use of wood. The separability of the materials means that a sustainable use of wood through recyclability is possible.


  • Flexible use of the wall element
  • Adhesive-free wall elements
  • Requirement-related material usage
  • Unrestricted use in multistory construction
  • Integrated insulation
  • High load capacity
  • Optimized use of wood
  • Sustainable use through recyclability

Commercial Application

Currently there are two groups of wall systems in timber construction in addition to half-timbered construction, skeleton construction and log house construction. The problem with timber frame construction is that timber frame walls with difficult-to-recycle planking have a limited load-bearing capacity. In solid wood construction, on the other hand, there are glued cross-laminated timber walls as well as mechanically connected solid timber walls which require a large quantity of wood. CLL diagonal allows the production of adhesive-free wall elements in timber construction with the use of materials according to requirements. Furthermore, by way of an integrated arrangement of insulating materials in the support plane it allows resource efficiency even in multistory construction, as well as optimized wall thicknesses.

Status Quo

A patent application for the invention has been filed. We would be happy to inform you about the status of the proceedings. The functionality was proven in experiments. On behalf of FH Aachen - University of Applied Sciences, PROvendis offers interested companies licenses to the invention and the patent application.

An invention of FH Aachen.

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