Textile Technology

E-Lumi-Tex - Active Lighting by textile finishing

Ref.-No. 2187

Keywords: electroluminescent textile surface, printing method, textile actively illuminating, layers, textile, luminescent pigments, electrode layer, home textile, manifacturing, textile industry, decorative

Researchers of the Niederrhein University have invented a method to produce electroluminescent textile surface by conventional printing methods. The invention describes the manufacture of a textile actively illuminating. The individual electrodes, the active luminescent layer and other additional layers are applied to any textile in various process steps. The flexible fabric illuminates by applying an electrical current "from within" in different colours depending on the luminescent pigment. Through dyeing or printing of the textile additional colours can be produced. In contrast to the currently best available technology for producing electroluminescent textiles, the present method requires no metallic fibres or other conductive surfaces in the textile. The first electrode layer, as all others following are applied via traditional application methods on any fabric, if this was pre-treated accordingly depending on the material and density. Both conductive layers and the isolating di-electric layer altered into water-based polymers for the production of a prototype.


  • High product diversity, as any textile surfaces can be printed
  • Traditional application methods of the textile Industry
  • Amazing light effect
  • Industrially feasible
  • Complementary coloring and design options

Commercial Application

E-Lumi-Tex has been developed primarily for decorative purposes in home textiles and commercial sectors; the technology is being further developed for other applications such as automotive or safety textiles. Those specialty textiles are being possible due to the combination of a very innovative technology and traditional manufacturing process.

Status Quo

An international patent application has been filed for the invention. The interest in the textile industry is enormous for this technology. PROvendis offers companies license agreements. If necessary, a network for all steps in manufacturing process is available.

An invention of HS Niederrhein.

Dr. Thorsten Schaefer

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