Textile Technology

Weft insertion via rotary roller - Traversing device for warp knitting machines

Ref.-No. 5423

Keywords: Changing equipment, shot thread delivery, chain machines

The yarn is guided over a roller with a spiral groove. The point of contact of the yarn on the roller thus performs an oscillating movement in the axial direction. The task of the invention is to create a device to feed a yarn over a partial width of a knitted fabric web that is compact and permits a high working speed.


  • Faster processing speeds
  • High economic advantages
  • Reduction in process costs

Commercial Application

The process is particularly suitable for weft feeding in warp knitting machines.

Status Quo

A patent has been filed for the invention. A prototype is to be built and tested as part of a project. On behalf of Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, PROvendis offers interested companies licenses for the invention and patent application.

An invention of HS Niederrhein.

Catherine Hartmann

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