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Ex situ NMR in Highly Homogeneous Fields– Method and Apparatus for providing a sensitive volume for single-sided NMR



Ref.-Nr. 1410

Portable single-sided nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) magnets used for non-destructive studies of large samples are believed to generate inherently inhomogeneous magnetic fields. Scientist at the RWTH Aachen demonstrate experimentally that the field of an open magnet can be shimmed to high homogeneity in a large volume external to the sensor. This technique allows to measure localized high-resolution proton spectra outside a portable open magnet with a spectral resolution of 0.25 parts per millon. The generation of these experimental conditions also simplifies the implementation of such powerful methodologies as multidimensional NMR spectroscopy and imaging.

Keywords: NMR, MRT, single sided magnet Analysis, nuclear magnetic resonance

Commercial Opportunities

For several decades, NMR is known to allow non-invasive measurements of a large variety of systems ranging from quantitative analysis of liquid samples to whole body images of the human body. Whereas theusual NMR approach inserts a probe into a homogeneous magnetic field provided e.g. by a super conducting magnet other methods that have been implemented within the last years  are based on single-sided NMR or unilateral NMR. These techniques are based on the use of the stray field of permanent magnets which create the population differences of the quantum mechanical levels necessary to excite and detect NMR signals. These techniques where developed based on the need to provide NMR methods which allow the measurement of large samples which cannot be implemented into super conducting magnets or which cannot be moved to a super conducting magnet. These techniques are based on the magnetic field which can be generated on one side of a magnet. In this regions the magnetic field is very inhomogeneous which is a drawback for NMR methods. This results in line widths being relatively broad compared to those of NMR spectra measured in a super conducting magnet. In particular, the line width within the inhomogeneous field of a single-sided NMR magnet is essentially infinite, i. e. larger than 1 MHz whereas the line width in conventional high-resolution NMR spectroscopy is usually less than 1 Hz. Therefore, quantitative measurements of NMR spectra using single-sided NMR equipment have been problematic in the past.

Competitive Advantages

  • highly homogeneous magnetic field external to the magnet
  • single sided NMR
  • non-invasive measurements
  • spectral resolution of 0.25 parts per millon
  • multidimensional NMR spectroscopy and imaging

Current Status                                                                                                       

Granted Patents in EP and US.

Relevant Publications

Juan Perlo et al. “Ex Situ NMR in Highly Homogeneous Fields: 1H Spectroscopy” Science 315, 1110 (2007); DOI: 10.1126/science.1135499

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