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DPWM - Digital PWM Gate-Driver


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DPWM is a gate driver that is almost completely implemented digitally and requires no external components. DPWM is a combination of a digital control circuit, an adaptive pulse width generator and a driver circuit. Neither a ramp generator, nor a reference voltage is needed. Variations in the pulse width due to manufacturing tolerances and temperature variations are compensated by the digital control. Thus, the maximum gatesource voltage specified by a digital control word will not be exceeded. The control response of DPWM driver records this fact that an overshoot of the gate-source voltage is avoided under all circumstances.

This is particularly beneficial for integrated power electronics, since the maximum gatesource voltage is often considerably less than the maximum drain-source voltage of the power transistors. Based on the concept DPWM enhancements such as improved control with custom properties to the application or charge reuse to increase the efficiency of the driver are possible. Moreover, the concept can also be extended for Zero Voltage Switching.

Due to the almost completely digital implementation, the efficiency can be
maximized and the area needs to be minimized. Furthermore, the concept allows for control of the control voltage of a power device without voltage overshoot. The circuit can be used in a boost converter for photovoltaic modules as well as an LED driver and in the field of communication, for example, in baseband chips.

A patent application has been filed at the German Patent and Trademark Office. On
behalf of the RWTH Aachen University, we offer the opportunity of licensing and
further development of technology to interested companies. Based on the first realized prototype the functionality of the technology can be demonstrated.

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