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Immunological tolerance - Induction of immunological tolerance in autoimmune diseases


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Autoimmune diseases affect millions of people worldwide. They can have serious effects on life span and quality of life. Despite intensive research, the exact reasons for the onset of autoimmune diseases are still poorly understood.

At present, therapies of autoimmune disorders mainly focus on the relief of symptoms rather than on the prevention of the underlying biological mechanism. Therefore, current therapeutic strategies are mostly restricted to immunomodulators or immune-suppressants.

The present invention provides a novel preventive and therapeutic approach based on the induction of tolerance, which is a key mechanism for the prevention of autoimmunity. The induction of tolerance is achieved through the oral administration of antigen-expressing microorganisms.

In an animal model of multiple sclerosis, the severity and occurrence of the disease symptoms could be significantly reduced by feeding the mice with the safe fodder yeast Candida utilis (Torula yeast) expressing Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (MOG). Thus, the oral administration of antigen-expressing Candida utilis suppresses the cellular and humoral immune responses taking place in the gut-associated lymphoid tissue. Furthermore, the described treatment is considered to be safe, effective and simple.

Therefore, the oral administration of antigen-expressing microorganisms represents an ideal therapeutic strategy for the prevention of autoimmune disorders.

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