Combinatory Asthma Endoytping Assay - Diagnostic Test for Asthma Subtype Differentiation

Ref.-Nr. 5224

Keywords: Asthma, diagnosis, therapy option, personalized medicine

Asthma is a disease of several subtypes characterized by different severity and a distinct immunological background. Most importantly, several subtypes of allergic asthma need to be correctly identified and distinguished from forms of non-allergic asthma. Recently, some therapeutic approaches have been established to treat such subtypes of asthma by means of specific therapeutic antibodies. However, there is still a lack of an appropriate diagnostic test with clinical relevance to these therapeutic approaches. The present invention provides a novel easy-to-use test for a more precise stratification of asthma patients and thus facilitates a personalized and better targeted therapeutic strategy that avoids costs and delayed treatment response resulting from potential uncertainties in the selection of the best effective antibody. The invention is a PCR-based method for the differential diagnosis (combinatory transcriptomic endotyping) of asthma subtypes from blood (liquid biopsies). The method comprises the measurement of 32 RNA-biomarkers (including two house-keeping markers), a dedicated PCR microwellplate for the assay and a combinatory methodology including a software algorithm for analysis and determination of the asthma subtype.


  • First diagnostic test for asthma endotyping that is relevant to the therapeutic strategy, particularly regarding the identification of the asthma subtype and the selection of the best suitable antibody
  • Easy-to-use and cost efficient
  • Compatible with existing laboratory equipment and routine

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