Vim3-based Fertility Diagnosis - Vimentin 3 as a new marker for proof of sperm quality

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Currently, the quality of the sperm cells is assessed in a spermiogram, analyzing their morphology, concentration and motility. However, the results may vary due to manual analysis, so that the test must be repeated at least twice. In addition, spermiograms need to be performed by certified laboratories and accordingly educated persons. Therefore, there is a strong need for more reliable and standardized diagnostic methods for the assessment of sperm quality. Researchers of the University Hospital of Cologne have identified Vimentin 3 (Vim3) as a novel marker for the diagnosis of sperm quality: the expression of Vim3 is significantly higher in ejaculates from persons with normozoospermia, whereas in ejaculates from patients with oligo-astheno-teratozoo-spermia (OAT) syndrome and azoospermia the expression of Vim3 is significantly decreased (please see figure). Furthermore, in OAT syndrome cells, staining is less intensive but is also found in the head and tail region, as compared to a predominant staining of neck region in normal sperm cells. In additional advantage of the invention is the fact that conventional spermiograms can only be performed with ejaculates not older than one hour, which requires the patients to show up in the laboratory and thus increases psychological pressure. Vim3 staining may offer access to sperm quality analysis of ejaculates won at home or maybe even home-based test systems. In addition, assessment of fertility and sperm quality is not only important in humans, but also applies to veterinary medicine in terms of horse and other animal breeding.


  • Vim3 staining of sperm cells works as an easy and reliable initial test for sperm Quality
  • Vim3 staining overcomes variations of manually assessed sperm morphology and motility in spermiograms
  • May be offered as test to be performed at home and may thus find higher compliance than current lab-based sperm analysis

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The technology is offered for licensing and further development as diagonstic test

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The researcher plan to conduct a large cohort study for verification of usability. In case of interest we are pleased to inform you about the patent status.

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