MIRVAD - Minimal invasive right ventricular assist device

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Keywords: Medizinisches Implantat, Kardiologisches Implantat, Axial Durchflusspumpe im Stent, minimal invasives rechtsseitiges Ventrikular Implantat

Early introduction of a right ventricular assist device (R-VAD) has been proven beneficial for this group of patients. However, most commercially available R-VADs are still associated with complications such as hemolysis, infection and need for anticoagulation. Thus they are only used for short-term application. Some devices provide long-term support, but due to the invasive implantation procedure they are usually offered as a last resort to critically ill patients after all other alternative treatments have been exhausted. Consequently, there is still an unmet clinical need for  minimally invasive implantable R-VADs which can be used as bridge-to-recovery as well as destination therapy. The invention is based on a foldable conduit-free axial flow pump directly driven by an integrated miniature external-rotor motor. The foldable components include impeller blades, removable fixation structures and a stent. The system can be inserted via peripheral vessels in a collapsed form and is expanded in the pulmonary artery immediately after the pulmonary valve. In the case of bridge-to-recovery application, MIRVAD can easily be removed due to its robust but removable fixation clips. In contrast to available minimally invasive implantable R-VADs, the system generates higher torque at lower rotational speed and thereby minimizes wear.  As a result, MIRVAD is also suitable for long-term application.


  • Minimally invasive application
  • Suitable for bridge-to-recovery or destination therapy
  • Excellent hemocompatibility

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A European patent application has been filed in July 2012. On behalf of RWTH Aachen University, PROvendis offers access to rights for commercial use or research collaboration with licensing option.

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European Patent Application EP 02692369 A1.

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