RODental - Removable adhesion material for dental applications

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Keywords: Zahnzement/Dentalzement, Phasenumwandlung, Phasenumwandlungsmaterial, Kapsel, Implantat, Krone, Brücke, Zahnklammer, zerstörungsfreies Entfernen, dental cement, phase change, phase change material, capsule, implant, crown, bridge, bracket, non-destructive removal

This novel type of cement allows a removal of permanent and provisionally fixed dental restorations when needed (remove on demand) – without destroying or damaging these. Because properties of RODental can be triggered by temperature, all ceramic restorations, e.g. crowns, brackets or bridges on implants or teeth, can be mechanically removed in an easy way.


Mainly there are three applications, for which new adhesive material is required:

1. Until today, dental cement used to cement fixed restorations on teeth or implants is optimized for permanent fixation. In case of clinical or technical complications, e.g. screw loosening on implants, parodontitis or ceramic chipping, a necessary removal of the restoration leads to destruction or damage. Re-use of the restoration is rarely possible, thus removing so far regularly requires a new preparation, combined with additional expenses.

2. In case of provisional fixation of long time provisional restorations stability over a certain period of time is a desirable feature. Cements currently available are not stable over time. Restorations may fall off at any time and may even be aspirated or swallowed by the patient.

3. To date orthodontic brackets have to be removed with special nippers and the adhesive cement remaining on the tooth structure has to be removed with diamond or hard metal burs. This procedure is time consuming. In addition it bears the risk of damaging the tooth structure.


  • Fast and painless removal of dental prostheses and orthodondic applications in an easy way
  • Non-destructive removal allows re-use of e. g. bridges, crowns and implants
  • Removal on demand of permanent and provisional fixed dental restorations

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On behalf of the RWTH Aachen PROvendis offers an access to rights for commercial use of this invention and the opportunity for further co-development.

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Numerous experiments yielded the weakening of the cements under test within the appropriate temperature range. The inventors are seeking for partners in the dental industry for developing a marketable product. In case of interest we will be pleased to inform you about the current patent Status.

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