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Bose-Einstein-Light (BEL) - Generation of coherent light of high intensity in a solid state "cold Laser"

Ref.-Nr. 2379

Keywords: cold laser, coherent light, energy

Lasers as sources for coherent and intense light are used in many high-tech applications and medical devices. Generally, the generation of Laser-light is characterized by a significant level of optical and electrical energy input and low efficiency. Contrary to the Laser, BEL (Bose-Einstein-Light) utilizes an organic dye/polymer system, which is arranged between two mirrors forming an optical micro-cavity. The incoming light is multiply reflected between the mirrors, giving rise to an effective photon mass and a confining potential - key prerequisites for the Bose-Einstein condensation of photons. Thermalisation is achieved by the photon scattering off the dye molecules, resulting in a strong light concentration effect into the centre of the confining potential, where the potential energy is minimized. The spatial concentration is a consequence of the thermalisation of the trapped photon gas.


  • Generation of coherent light with high intensity
  • Design of an efficient solid state “cold Laser”
  • High optical yield (ca. 50%)
  • Substitution of Lasers in many high-tech applications envisaged
  • Tunable 300-1000nm

Kommerzielle Anwendung

For many Laser applications, coherent but not necessarily monochromatic light is required. The strong light concentration effect of BEL and the generation of coherent light with high intensity offer opportunities for a range of applications. For these applications, BEL can be a efficient light source for coherent visible and UV light. In contrast to a Laser, where significant share of the energy is lost in heat, BEL allows the design of an efficient solid state "cold Laser".

Aktueller Stand

Proof of principle has successfully been demonstrated both in a fluid and solid phase system. A US-Patent has already been granted, a European patent application is pending. We are seeking a partner for further commercial development with the view to license the technology.

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