Envirostat: Single Cell Analysis - Microfluidic chip for isolation and cultivation of single biological cells

Ref.-Nr. 2957

By employing negative dielectrophoresis (nDEP) via special electrodes cells can be trapped contactless in a flow of growth medium. The whole system is constructed as a microfluidic lab on a chip. The sophisticated design of the flow channels prevents influence of other cells to the one under control.


  • Efficient isolation and cultivation of cells within one chip
  • Applicable for small cells < 5 µm
  • Far developed prototype existing (3. generation)
  • Additional know-how of peripheral Technology (electric and hydraulic connectors)
  • New developed small electric generator for control of nDEP-fields

Kommerzielle Anwendung

The fields of application for this invention are to be found in science and industry as well. The analysis of single cell behavior is currently a main topic in biotechnology. It enables to study the response and functionality of one organism without relying on averages due to the statistic distribution of a cell population. This technology gives for example the opportunity to effectively enhance certain pharmaceutical production processes that use biosynthesis of bacteria or yeast, by selectively cultivating and optimizing only the best fitting individuals.

Aktueller Stand

A European and a US patent application have been filed for this invention (WO2012/152844A2). Advantages of this technology have been shown in several experiments and further information can be given on request. A third generation prototype has recently been developed, which is optimised regarding durability, functionality and manufacturing costs. PROvendis is offering licenses for this technology to interested companies on behalf of the TU Dortmund University.

Video demonstration:

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