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Applied Sciences

H₂Oleum - Stable Water/Diesel Micro-emulsions > 95 % Reduction of Particulate Matter



Ref.-Nr. 0156

Water/Diesel emulsions have been intensively discussed as potentially beneficial fuels with respect to reduction of noxious exhaust gases – mainly particulate matter (PM) and nitrous oxides (NOx). So far, however, these emulsions were thermodynamically unstable and only low amounts of water could be emulsified. Thus, water/fuel emulsions are currently limited to niche applications and other options for reducing PM and NOx are under development. All these methods are costly, increase fuel consumption and require delicate engine management systems.

H₂Oleum in contrast is an absolutely stable microemulsion. H₂Oleum is the first thermodynamically stable water/fuel emulsion ever – stable over an extremely wide range of temperatures and operating conditions.

H₂Oleum is a bicontinuous microemulsion – i.e. both the oil and the water components form continuous domains within the liquid. H₂Oleum significantly saves surfactant and the water/fuel ratio can be freely varied.

Commercial Opportunities

We offer and licenses and technical support for the commercialisation of H₂Oleum to innovative companies.

Current Status  

Patent applications have been filed for H₂Oleum in Europe and North America.

H₂Oleum has successfully been tested both in the laboratory and on engine test benches.

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