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Textile Emergency Seat - Rescue System for the fast and effective evacuation of people



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During evacuations of large buildings or passenger ships, it is of crucial importance to have appropriate equipment and procedures for effective and fast transportation of all people who have difficulty in walking such as disabled, elderly or injured persons. Traditional solutions like stair chairs or wheelchairs are often too expensive and bulky. Also, rescue systems for people in lying position have high space requirements and can be used only in wide staircases.

To face those space and cost challenges, lightweight structures, as textile rescue seats, have been developed and are available on the market. Although the carry techniques used in those systems aim at distributing the weight of the person-to-carry on two operators, there is a lack of solutions which enable the rescue operators to carry a person over a long distance without running the risk of injuries in critical body areas such as neck, shoulders and back.

The invention here described regards a textile rescue seat designed for the effective distribution of the weight on two carrying-operators, as shown in Figure 1. Experiments show that an adult of average weight can be carried on staircases and along corridors without overloading the two operators, relieving the strain on shoulders, neck and back and preventing health issues.

Keywords: Rettungssitz, Gurtsitz, Schlaufensitz, Gurttrage., Emergency, Rescue seat, rescue device, strap seat, evacuation, Transportation, rescue system, Technology licensing, IP, Invention

Commercial Opportunities

A prototype of the invention, as shown in Figure 1, has been produced and successfully tested in a simulated evacuation in a multi-storey building. Low material and production costs comibined with little space required for storage are attractive features for a competitive product to be introduced into the market. Many items can be preventively stored in every public building or on board passenger ships and used also by non-professional operators. The principle of usage is intuitive and enables every healthy person on site to take part in the evacuation operation.

Current Status  

A fully working prototype of the rescue seat has been tested and a patent application has been filed in Germany.

On behalf of the RWTH University, PROvendis is seeking a partner for further development in view of licensing the technology.

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