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Life Sciences

FimH - Expression of recombinant proteins on the cell surface of bacteria


Ref.-Nr. 3609

The expression and production of recombinant proteins in bacteria, such as E. coli is a long standing and well known procedure. However, expression in bacterial systems is limited due to cytoplasmic accumulation of the protein of interest (POI). Even though, various attempts have been made to prevent the accumulation of the desired protein in inclusion bodies, there is still no satisfactory solution available to overcome this problem.

The present invention enables the expression of POI on the cell surface of bacteria, thereby preventing the cytoplasmic and periplasmic accumulation. This is achieved by using an expression vector comprising the bacterial cell-surface protein FimH and the POI. Bacterial expression of this fusion protein leads to the localization of the protein on the cell surface. Thus, the fusion protein may be isolated from the surface of the bacterial cells or, alternatively, be isolated from the bacterial cell medium subsequent to secretion.

Thus, this novel strategy allows the production of recombinant proteins having a natural folding structure and the same biological activity as a natural protein.

This invention offers a novel approach for the production of recombinant proteins, which can be used for the production of reagents suitable for diagnostics and therapy.
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