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Vim3 Antibody - Use of Vimentin3 for the diagnosis and differentiation of benign and malignant renal carcinoma



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Kidney cancer is classified as malignant tumors originating from different renal cells with several subtypes. The cells of these subtypes can mimic a benign kidney tumor, called oncocytoma. The unequivocal differentiation is essential for planning the adequate operative procedure (tumor removal [oncocytoma] or complete kidney resection with lymph node preparation [malignant kidney cancer]) and potential follow up (not necessary in oncocytoma).

Currently, immune histology with the protein Vimentin is used for differentiation whereas only the malignant renal carcinomas are expected to show a positivity for full length Vimentin. However, a Vimentin positivity has also been observed in a series of oncocytoma, making the accuracy and validity of this diagnostic approach questionable for differentiation.

Surprisingly, the inventors found a splice isoform of Vimentin, namely Vimentin3 (Vim3), as an indicator of benign oncocytoma. In addition, the inventors found that renal cell carcinoma (RCCs) are negative for Vim3. Accordingly, Vim3 can be used for the diagnosis of a benign oncocyctoma and for the differentiation of benign oncocytoma from malignant renal cell carcinoma.

The currently used antibodies detect not only the full length Vimentin, but also the spliced variant Vim3. This might lead to misdiagnosis of oncocytomas with the consequence of a not adequate therapy of the patients. Therefore, the inventors designed an antibody detecting exclusively the Vim3 isoform.

Keywords: Antikörper, antibody, Nierenkarzinom, renal cancer, kidney tumor, bösartiger Tumor, malignant tumor, gutartiger Tumor, benign tumor, Onkozytom, oncocytoma, Nierenzellkarzinom, renal cell carcinoma, Protein, Vimentin3, Diagnose, diagnosis, Unterscheidung gutartig-bösartig, distinguish between benign and malign, Therapie, therapy, Treatment

Commercial Opportunities

The treatment of benign oncocytomas differs from that of malignant renal carcinoma. For RCCs, initial treatment is most commonly a radical or partial nephrectomy and remains the mainstay of curative treatment. Oncocytomas not being confidently preoperatively distinguished from RCCs, are surgically resected. If the diagnosis is suspected pre-operatively then surgery by tumor enucleation can be performed.

The newly identified protein Vim3 offers an attractive tool for the diagnosis of benign oncocytomas and their differentiation from malignant RCCs.

On behalf of the University of Cologne, PROvendis offers a patent license as well as a research collaboration with licensing option. In addition the antibody is available for research.

Current Status  

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Relevant Publication  

Von Brandenstein et al., 2015. Dis Markers. 2015:368534. doi: 10.1155/2015/368534v

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