Our IP Services for universities, research institutions, companies and start-ups:

We offer comprehensive service for the professional management of intellectual property rights and successful technology transfer: Through IP searches and market analyses we assess the potential of your invention and coordinate the legal protection with the suitable intellectual property right. We identify cooperation partners and negotioate IP contracts.


IP Recherche

PROvendis assesses the prospects of success of your invention or design by means of an IP search in national and international databases prior to filing an application for a patent, utility model, trademark or design. This allows us to improve the chances of your patent being granted.

IP Analyse

IP analysis does not focus exclusively on individual intellectual property rights. The aim of IP analysis is to gain an overview of overarching relationships between intellectual property rights and technology trends as well as relevant market trends.

IP Protection

Research and development results are intellectual property and should be protected through intellectual property rights. Intellectual property and innovations often form the basis for successful utilization or the approval of funding applications, or are the basis of a company's existence.

IP Management

Patents and other industrial property rights represent a significant company value. We analyze and evaluate the existing IP portfolio based on your individual goals and strategies. This makes it possible to identify potential opportunities and risks and to increase revenues.

IP Evaluation

Intellectual property rights such as patents represent a monetary value for universities and research institutions as well as companies and start-ups.

IP Utilization & Transfer

Through targeted exploitation and transfer of results from research and development, patents and other industrial property rights are used in our society in the form of new products, processes or innovations.

IP Scouting

Are you a company looking for innovative ideas and technologies for your successful business development and to secure competitive advantages? Are you a university or research institution looking for cooperation partners for third-party funded projects to implement ideas?

IP Administration

The organization of efficient yet secure processes for the use and handling of intellectual property rights is challenging. We guide and support you in handling inventions and industrial property rights and can organize the entire management of industrial property rights and inventions if required.

Funding Programs

Funding Programs for Universities, Research Institutions, Companies & Start-ups.