Electrical Engineering

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The invention pertains to an integrate-and-hold circuit which is used as a sampler. The typical structure of an integrate-and-hold circuit (IHC) is a multiplier serving as a switch followed by a resettable integrator with a hold capacitor.

Cleaning robot swarm

Particularly in the commercial sector (e.g. hotels, offices, retirement homes, hospitals) but also in private use, it is desirable if a floor cleaning by robots in the shortest possible time is completed (noise, accessibility).

Drivetrain Integrated DC-DC Converter for Multiple Voltage Level Vehicles

Hybrid vehicles of the new generation use two different voltage networks. The starter and other high power components are primarily powered by the higher voltage (48 V) battery.

Dynamic Range Extender

The present invention describes a device for the recovery of electrical energy from electromagnetic radiation. To power electronic devices, there are different approaches.


Loudspeaker enclosures for low frequency reproduction face the developer with a goal conflict. Either he achieves a small volume enclosure or he achieves a low cutoff frequency.


Headphone-based binaural 3D audio gives us a realistic sound experience that can be enhanced even further by considering the head movements of the listener.


For a fast and precise control of mechatronic systems usually non-linear PID controllers are used. The more nonlinearities a system contains, the more complex the control task becomes.


To reduce the input resistance of power modules, single semiconductor switches are usually connected in parallel.

Brake resistor

To decelerate an electric motor, the remaining kinetic and magnetic energy must be removed from the system. This is usually done with brake resistors that convert the energy to heat.


For the safe operation of electrical systems, emergency stop or interlock applications interrupt the power supply or put the system in a safe state (DIN EN 60204-1 and DIN EN ISO 13850).


Sample-and-hold circuits or track-and-hold (TH) circuits, along with analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), are the link from the analog to the digital world.


A method for the movement guidance of mobile robots by means of an intuitive trajectory control was recently developed at Bochum University for Applied Sciences.

Lock-In Amplifier

Lock-In amplifiers are firmly anchored in everyday research. They offer excellent noise suppression for repeating signals. The degree of suppression, however, depends critically on the low-pass filter at the end of the signal processing chain.

Synthetic Image Data

Almost all car manufacturers are currently developing camera-based autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles.

Optically switched resonant-tunneling diode

Neues Bauelement für Touch Screens und optoelektronische Schaltungen

DC-DC resonant converter

Flexible chargers for batteries (especially in the field of e-mobility), fuel cell applications or flexible photovoltaic battery combinations all contain switch-mode power supplies with DC converters, DC-DC converters in short.

Method for current measurement in half-bridge topologies

A number of different instrument transformers are used to determine voltage and current in regulated power electronics. Current measurement becomes more and more difficult with increasing current intensity, especially since the switching frequencies increase due to the use of modern (e.g. GaN) transistors and parasitic properties of the sensors must be minimized.


The electrical power grid is undergoing a major transformation. Increasing numbers of decentralized feeders have been added in recent years and, in the future, there will be a large number of charging stations for electric vehicles that temporarily draw a large amount of electrical power from the power grid.

Charge-Sensitive Amplifier

The charge-sensitive amplifier is an electronic circuit for amplifying the lowest voltages. It is suitable for the usual applications of an electrometer.

Fault Identification in DC Grids

The proportion of electricity generated by renewable energies is growing steadily, as is the proportion of DC power in the energy consumption.

Future Display Technology

The presented technology is a two dimensional optical waveguide with very low attenuation.